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Nina Jones And The Temple Of Gloom (Little Black Dress) - Julie Cohen Nina has a slight problem, she has fallen in love with her boss - who just happens to be a very happily married man. Desperate to move on she jumps into starting a new life with Juan, moving to a country where she doesn't know anyone and can't even speak the language. When things go horribly wrong she is left homeless and without a penny to her name and takes refuge in the flat of a deceased family member. It isn't going to be easy to start her life over again but perhaps she'll be able to do it with the help of her new friends.

I really enjoyed Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom and will definitely be on the look out for more by Julie Cohen. Nina is a very likeable main character and I found it very easy to relate to the position she found herself in. I think most of us have fallen for the wrong person at least once in our lifetimes & I know I've ended up in a relationship with the wrong person at least once! So as much as you are mentally screaming at Nina not to jump into things with Juan while you're reading what she does is completely believable and even understandable in the circumstances.

Although I couldn't see what she did in either her boss or Juan I loved Vicktor and could definitely see the attraction there! I enjoyed watching Nina turn her life around and would definitely recommend this book to romance fans. If you're looking for a light entertaining read that will have you laugh out loud you should definitely give this a try.