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Love Immortal - Felicity Heaton Lauren is just a normal woman with no idea of the supernatural creatures that exist until she is attacked by werewolves on her way home one night. She is saved by a mysterious stranger, one who explains her life is in danger if she doesn't let him help her. Lauren doesn't believe Julian when he tells her that she is the reincarnation of a Greek Goddess Illia but as much as she tries to deny it she soon discovers that Julian is telling the truth. It is her destiny to try and defeat the werewolf Lycaon but this is something that her previous incarnations have been trying to do for nearly 4,000 years - how can Lauren possibly succeed when all the others have failed?

I have read and enjoyed several novellas by Felicity Heaton so I was really looking forward to seeing what she could do with a full length novel, I can tell you now that Love Immortal did not disappoint. It contains everything I could ask for in a paranormal romance - action, danger, mystery, betrayal, lust, love, passion and much more besides. Lauren is a great heroine, she may not have asked for the life she has but when she accepts her heritage she goes to great lengths to protect those she cares about and to learn everything she can to help her defeat Lycaon. She has her backup but she isn't someone who is going to sit about and let everyone else fight for her - she wants to be in on the action and make sure she plays her part. She is equally determined to get her man and Julian is definitely a man worth fighting for.

I absolutely loved Julian, he is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect Lauren and has been through so much to keep her and her previous incarnations safe. Illia was the love of his life and he was distraught when she died, watching over her incarnations throughout the years has torn his heart into pieces as none of them have ever returned his feelings. This makes him very wary of falling for Lauren but she is so different from Illia and the others and he finds her very hard to resist. The sexual tension between the two of them was fantastic and had me desperate for them to get together, Felicity Heaton makes you wait a long time before anything happens between them but believe me it is more than worth the wait!

Lauren and Julian also have help from an organisation called Ghost that was formed to help keep the balance between humans and demons. The 5 members of ghost that are helping them - Duke, Astra, Piper, Kuga and Leo - all have very distinct personalities and very different abilities that will come in useful when they take on Lycaon and his werewolves. I liked each of the team members but Piper, Kuga and Leo were particular favorites. The banter and friendship between them all really added to the story but at one point a betrayal almost broke my heart. I can't say any more without giving spoilers but just make sure you have tissues to hand when you're reading.

The mythology and world building is well done and enjoyable to read. Love Immortal will play on every emotion as you're reading it and I really hope that Felicity Heaton will re-visit this world and these characters again in the future. I'm sure there is more to learn about each of the characters and I would like to see each of them get their own happy ending in the future. If you like your paranormal romance with plenty of action this is definitely a story you need to get hold of.