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The Soft Edge of Midnight (Keepers of Twilight #1) - Stella Price, Audra Price Illori has spent a thousand years held captive by a demon who wanted to use her abilities, and now she has finally managed to escape she just wants to find a mate and settle down. But the Glimmer was sealed off from the mortal world years ago and she believes she is the last unicorn remaining so has resigned herself to loneliness. Karsten is a stallion who has been trapped on earth since the portals were sealed, he has been searching for his kind and a way home ever since. When he stumbles across Illori he is thrilled at finding a potential mate but there are dark forces searching for her - can he find a way to keep her safe?

Illori has been through a lot and has given up on having any kind of happy ending, unicorns are supposed to be lucky but she is convinced that she is the unluckiest unicorn to have ever existed - something that she has quite a lot of evidence to back up. I did feel that she came across a little too innocent at first but I was pleased she had a backbone to her and was prepared to stick up for herself so that she didn't end up being captured again. Karsten was a hot stallion who has a bit of a dark background and has worked as a spy in the past. I really would have liked to have learnt more about both of their backgrounds as I feel it would have helped me become more invested in them as a couple but I still liked them both and wanted them to find a happy ending.

We spend a lot of time with Sammael, a fallen angel who seems to straddle the lines of good and evil working for both sides. At first I didn't think I would like him at all but as you get to know him better I became really curious about him and hope that we get to see more of him in the future. It'll be interesting to see how things change for him now he has become involved with a certain character (I don't want to say more for fear of spoilers). I'm also looking forward to finding out more about the other fallen angels and seeing if there is a way for them to redeem themselves.

While the sex scenes were definitely steamy (and there were plenty of them!) I would have liked a bit more of the focus to be on Illori and Karsten rather than the side characters. The plot was good though and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.