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Bound to Shadows  - Keri Arthur I'm a big fan of Keri Arthur and the Riley Jenson series and Bound to Shadows was probably one of my favourite books in the series so far. Although I'm looking forward to reading the next and final book Moon Sworn I'm actually quite sad that the series is coming to a close, I'll miss Riley and her gang when it's all over. This review won't have spoilers for Bound to Shadows but please be aware that this is book 8 in the series so it will include spoilers for previous books.

Since Riley discovered her wolf soul mate Kye her love life has become even more complicated than ever before. She is madly in love with vampire Quinn but her wolf side pines for Kye even though Riley can't stand him. So far she has been able to avoid spending much time with Kye but now he is back and seems determined to claim Riley whether she wants him to or not. The attraction between them is strong but it is more of a love to hate kind of thing than a genuine love match, Riley is terrified that it will cause problems between her and Quinn but she is powerless to avoid Kye - her wolf just won't let that happen. I've gone through periods of loving and loathing Quinn throughout the series but he has changed a lot over the later books and I really want him and Riley to get a happy ending. It's about time that poor Riley had some kind of luck with men, lets face it she has had some disastrous relationships in the past!

Bound to Shadows managed to surprise me several times, the plot was strong and I enjoyed the mystery of who was behind the deaths of the vampires. I enjoyed watching Riley try to deal with her attraction to Kye and still keep things on track with Quinn. Keri Arthur doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to take her characters to dark places. I actually shed tears while reading this one but I'm not going to tell you why, I'll just say I was gutted by something that happened towards the end of the book. I love reading about Riley's twin Rhoan and his partner Liander so it was good to see more of them both in this installment, in fact they made a very important announcement and I can't wait to see the results of this in the next book. Bound to Shadows is a great read and I'd highly recommend this series if you haven't already discovered it.