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Mistress by Marriage - Maggie Robinson Edward went completely against his calm and reserved nature when he wed Caroline by special licence just days after meeting her. But his rash decision had consequences he hadn't anticipated, things may have been dynamite between them in the bedroom but living together proved impossible with Caroline's fiery temperament. After just a year of marriage Edward sent Caroline to live at Jane Street as a form of punishment, they have been living separately for 5 years now and are fast headed for divorce no matter how scandalous that would be to London society.

I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and have been looking forward to Caroline's story for ages now. She has made appearances in both previous books as someone who looked after the women who live at Courtesan Court and I was looking forward to finding out why as a married woman she ended up living on a street for mistresses. Caroline has always come across as a caring character, she befriends the other mistresses and helps them when they have man troubles. She also uses the stories they tell her to write naughty books that have taken London by storm, read by everyone from servants to the wealthy and an unending source of embarrassment to her husband Edward. Caroline lives a lonely existence, she loves Edward but due to circumstances in her past she doesn't feel that she deserves him and although divorce is the last thing she wants she is prepared to accept it. She earns enough from her novels to support herself and dreams of moving away to the country, to somewhere that nobody knows her and where she can live a quiet life.

Edward couldn't be more different from Caroline, where she is loud and brash with a fiery temper and impulsive nature he is calm, mature and set in his ways. He likes things quiet and he can't cope with the chaos that follows Caroline wherever she goes. Although he knows that them living together is out of the question and feels that divorce is the only option left he can't resist one last fling with Caroline to try and get her out of his system for good. It is definitely a case of opposites attract with these two and they are very compatible when it comes to the bedroom - they are scorching hot together! Will a last fling be enough for them or will Edward realise his true feelings before it is too late?

I thoroughly enjoyed Caroline and Edward's story, they make a great couple and it was an interesting twist having an estranged couple trying to turn their relationship around. I thought this series was going to be a trilogy so I'm happy to find out that there will be another book. We have now been introduced to the next hero Andrew and I have to admit I'm curious to see how Maggie Robinson will be able to turn him around - what we've seen of him so far doesn't show him as the nicest of characters! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Master of Sin to see if she can convince me.

If you like your historical romance scorching hot then this is definitely a series to check out and one I would highly recommend.