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Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs Lily is a half-mermaid princess who is spending time living with her her human aunt before she returns home to Thalassinia to take her place in her father's court. She is hoping to find her mermate and take him home with her, in fact she is pretty sure she has already found him - she just needs to tell Brody the truth about who and what she is. When Quince, the irritating boy next door, offers to help her catch her dream guy things end up going horribly wrong and she ends up bonded to him by mistake. Now she just has to persuade her father to break the bond with Quince so she can claim Brody once and for all.

I have to admit I wasn't too sure what to expect from Forgive My Fins, I won a copy and haven't read many stories about mermaids so decided to give it a try. I have to say I'm glad I did and I'll definitely be picking up a copy of the sequel Fins Are Forever when it comes out next year. This was was a fun, light hearted and easy read, perfect for when you want something that isn't too serious.

I loved Lily's use of oceanic terminology instead of swear words - oh carp and damselfish were some of my favourites but there are many more throughout the story. It gave the story and Lily's voice a more authentic feel and I loved the descriptions of Thalassinia, I'm becoming quite taken with the idea of secret underwater worlds. Lily is a great character she's not perfect, in fact she's quite shy and insecure but she was very likable and easy to relate to. At times she can be a bit too naive but I quite like the fact that she tries to see the best in people (although there were occasions I wanted to strangle her because of the way she went on and on about Brody!). Quince was my favourite character though, he was a typical boy teasing the girl he likes rather than showing his true feelings but when it came down to it he was always there for Lily when she needed him.

Tera Lynn Childs has created a fun story and an interesting world, I'm glad it didn't end on a major cliffhanger but am excited to find out what happens next all the same. In some ways I do think the story is aimed at younger teens (there are times I felt Lily acts a lot younger than 17) but it is so amusing that it makes a perfect holiday read for anyone looking for a fishy tale.