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Drink Deep  - Chloe Neill 3.5 stars

Please note that although this review won't contain spoilers for Drink Deep it is impossible not to mention a major spoiler for the previous book so if you haven't read Hard Bitten yet then you may not want to read beyond this first paragraph. I will say that the Chicagoland Vampires series is one of my favourites though so if you haven't started reading it yet you need to get hold of a copy of Some Girls Bite asap.

Cadogan House has been in turmoil since the death of their Master Ethan at the end of the previous book, Malik has taken control but everyone is struggling to accept Ethan's loss. Things are only made worse by the fact that the GP have sent receiver Frank to investigate the house and he is turning things upside down for it's residents. Merit is devastated by the loss of Ethan and blames herself for the way he died. When Lake Michigan mysteriously turns black and other strange things start happening it becomes clear that someone is playing with dark and dangerous magic. The humans are in uproar blaming vampires (and Cadogan House in particular) for what they see as signs of the end of the world so it is up to Merit to try and find out what is really going on. But can she get to the bottom of the mystery in time to stop it before permanent damage is done?

I have to admit after the emotional roller coaster of Hard Bitten I was scared to pick up Drink Deep. I had pre-ordered my copy and was over the moon when it arrived but then it took me days before I plucked up the courage to start reading. I was so shocked and horrified at the ending of Hard Bitten that I didn't know if I could bring myself to continue reading the series. I'm glad I decided to trust that Chloe Neill knew what she was doing though because although Drink Deep wasn't my favourite installment in the series I did still really enjoy it and am looking forward to getting hold of Biting Cold next year.

I have to admit I did really miss Ethan though, one of my favourite things about the series has always been the chemistry between him and Merit and I did feel like there was something missing without it. It was good to see more of Jonah though, I liked him in the last book but we get to know him a lot better here which was good. The first half of the book felt a little slow in places and it felt like I had guessed who was behind the magic problems very early on, I was hoping to be proved wrong but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Things really pick up towards the end but I felt some things were rushed over and I would have liked more of a showdown when Merit finally figured out what was really going on. The ending may not have come as a massive surprise but it did put a huge smile on my face and for that reason alone I can't wait for the next installment.