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Winter Wishes - Vivi Andrews,  Vivian Arend,  Moira Rogers I'm a big fan of Vivian Arend and Moira Rogers and I was looking for a holiday read so the Winter Wishes anthology seemed perfect. I really enjoyed the anthology and would highly recommend it to paranormal romance fans looking to get in the Christmas spirit.

Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend - 5 stars

Kyle works undercover for a secret organisation who police shape shifters, making sure any of their less acceptable behaviour is kept out of the public eye. Even though he should have his mind on his latest job as soon as he spots fellow cougar shifter Eloise he can't resist taking a break to pursue her. As it turns out El is actually an undercover police officer and her latest mission is to monitor Kyle and make sure he is available when he is needed at an upcoming trial. Deciding to take him home with her to visit her eccentric family for the holidays leads to all sorts of unexpected complications for the pair of them.

I'm a massive fan of Vivian Arend's Granite Lake Wolves series but I have to say I think I might like her cougar shifters even better! I'm really hoping that Tangled Tinsel is going to be the first story in a new series as I think there is plenty of scope for more fun stories with Kyle and El at the lead. Kyle also has two brothers so the possibilities are endless. I loved this novella from the moment I picked it up, full of humour it had me laughing out loud several times while I was reading. The main characters are both fab, the chemistry is scorching hot and I loved the way their relationship develops throughout the story. The Christmas scenes with El's family make it a perfect holiday read and I'm sure I'll be picking up this story again next year.

No Angel by Vivi Andrews - 3 stars

When Sasha's boyfriend refuses to spend Christmas with her family and tells her that they "need to talk" she assumes the worst and thinks she is about to be dumped on Christmas eve. But before Jay can tell her his big secret she gets to witness as he is sucked into hell. Sasha is given the option of entering hell to try and rescue him but if she fails she will find herself trapped there with him. When she discovers his secret she'll have to decide if she even wants to save him after all the lies he has told her.

This is the first story I've read by Vivi Andrews and although it wasn't my favourite story in the Winter Wishes anthology I liked it enough to check out more of her work in the future. I really liked Jay's character, I enjoyed the scenes in hell with him and his family - his mother really is a piece of work but I was surprised to find myself quite liking his step dad. I didn't really like Sasha all that much though, she was constantly complaining that Jay was too good for her and that she preferred bad boys but if that was the case I couldn't see why she even wanted to be with him in the first place. It made it difficult to believe in their relationship, although I did see more of a connection between them towards the end of the book once she has discovered his secret. I also started to like Sasha a lot more when she stepped up to fight the demons and rescue her man. No Angel has humour, action and was a fun quick read.

Freeze Line by Moira Rogers - 4 stars

An ice age has split the world in two, above the freeze line the cold has dulled the earth's magic making it a safer place for werewolf Shane to live. The last thing he wants is the magic calling to his animal nature. Nadia is a witch who needs to be able to connect to the magic to survive, she was kidnapped and forced above the freeze line so that she was unable to protect herself using her magic. She may have escaped but she needs to find a way home and restore her energy levels or she won't survive. When Shane finds Nadia by the side of the road and discovers what has happened to her he offers to help get her back to the other side of the freeze line. As they approach their destination Nadia becomes stronger but Shane's wild side gets closer to the surface, can they fight the attraction that is growing between them? Do they even want to?

I was already a big fan of Moira Rogers so it was no surprise to me that I loved Freeze Line. With the apocalyptic setting this story is darker than the other novellas in the Winter Wishes anthology but I really enjoyed the world building and would happily read more stories in this world if it becomes a series. Shane and Nadia are both great characters and I love the way their relationship develops as the get to know each other. This was a sweet and sexy romance and one I'd definitely recommend.