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Moon Sworn  - Keri Arthur It's always a bittersweet moment when you reach the final book in a series you love. There's that sense of sadness that the journey is over but if the author has done it well there is also gratitude that the series is ending on a high note rather than dragging on for too long and ruining things. I think Keri Arthur has ended the Riley Jenson series at just the right time, I'd much rather be left wanting more than be dreading yet another installment. Although this review won't contain spoilers for Moon Sworn please bear in mind that this is the ninth and final book in the series and I will be mentioning things that could spoil earlier books if you've not already read them. If you haven't started the Riley Jenson series yet then it is one I'd highly recommend.

Moon Sworn picks up not long after the ending of Bound to Shadows, Riley is just returning to work after the death of her soul mate. She may have hated Kye but she didn't want to be forced into killing him and her wolf side is devastated by his loss. Luckily she has Quinn, Rhoan and Liander to help her pick up the pieces. Nothing is ever simple for Riley though and a blast from her past has an elaborate plan to destroy everything she loves. Riley will be forced to face her toughest challenge yet if she wants to be able to keep her family close.

The Riley that we say goodbye to at the end of the series is very different to the Riley we met in Full Moon Rising. She has gone through physical changes thanks to the drugs that were slipped into her system by Talon and she has grown stronger mentally thanks to her Guardian training. She has never been comfortable with what the Directorate want her to become though so although she will do what she has to to protect herself and those she loves she doesn't want to become a stone cold killing machine. I have to admire her for knowing her limits and sticking to them.

I don't want to give any spoilers so I'm just going to say that I loved Moon Sworn and think it was my favourite book in the series. I loved the way Keri Arthur has left things with Riley, Quinn, Rhoan and Liander and I couldn't have picked a better ending. This was a fabulous end to a great series and although I'm sad to have reached the end of the journey I'm excited to start the spin off Dark Angels series starring Risa which I believe will have occasional appearances from Riley and the gang.