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Adrian's Lost Chapter (Bloodlines, #0.5) - Richelle Mead When Richelle Mead originally started writing Bloodlines she planned on writing the story from several points of view, starting off with Adrian. In the end she re-wrote the book purely from Sydney's POV but has released the original version of the first chapter as a free online read for her fans.

Although Adrian's Lost Chapter is only 8 pages long I really enjoyed getting to see part of the story from his POV. I don't really want to go into plot details as you can read the whole story yourself if you have a spare 5 minutes but this was a nice way of getting to know Adrian a little better. You can't help but feel for him after his treatment from Rose, although I was routing for Rose and Dimitri to end up together for the whole Vampire Academy series I did feel bad for Adrian about how things turned out for him.

If you're a fan of the VA & Bloodlines series then I'm sure you'll enjoy this quick, free read. Yes, there are some editing problems, yes, it could have been a much longer story BUT I love it when authors give a little something back to their fans with a free story.