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Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers Satira works as an apprentice to weapons inventor Nathaniel, she enjoys her job and her boss is more like a father to her. When Nathaniel goes missing she is worried for his safety and also for her future, women aren't usually allowed to become inventors and without Nathaniel's support she isn't sure how she will survive alone. The Guild that Nathaniel works for are worried that the technology he has been working on could end up in the hands of their enemies so they send Bloodhound Wilder to search for him. Wilder's Bloodhound abilities make him ideal for tracking down and fighting vampires but Satira can't trust him to bring Nathaniel home and insists on going with him. Can they track down Nathaniel and get him home safely?

I haven't come across a story by Moira Rogers that I haven't enjoyed so I was really looking forward to reading Wilder's Mate. I'm not quite sure what category to put the story in - it's definitely a paranormal romance with a hint of steampunk but it also has an old fashioned western feel to it despite the fact that it is set in the future - but no matter what genre you call it the story is fab.

If you're looking for a dirty talking pure alpha hero then Wilder is your man and I absolutely loved him. Strong, sexy and protective Wilder manages to stay on the hot side of alpha without stepping into overbearing and offensive territory. In other words he's the perfect hero that will make you weak at the knees! Satira is a great match for him, she is strong, intelligent and quite a tomboy but she isn't afraid of her femininity and although she is independent she knows her limits and is prepared to ask for help when she needs it. As a couple they work well together, I loved the banter between them and their sexual chemistry is off the charts.

The plot is fast paced and introduces the world well, we aren't overwhelmed with information and Moira Rogers leaves us wanting more. I still have questions about both the abilities of the Bloodhounds and the world they are living in and am looking forward to discovering more as the series continues. We have been introduced to some of the characters who will appear in the next few stories and I can't wait to get to know them better. I definitely recommend the story to fans of paranormal romance, steampunk or the wild west and if you like all of those genres you'll love Wilder's Mate.