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Virgin Daiquiri - Moira Rogers Series Review:
The Last Call series by Moira Rogers is a fab collection of steamy, erotic short stories that are perfect when you're looking for a quick read. The series doesn't need to be read in order as the only connection between them is the location they take place in and there is no character cross over (apart from the bar tender) but I'd recommend reading them all anyway.

Considering how short the stories are (they're around 35 pages each) I'm impressed with the connection that the Moira Rogers is able to build between each couple. In Kamikaze I really enjoyed the banter between Zoe and hunky geek Connor (I do have a soft spot for a geek!), they make a really cute couple and I loved their wolf instincts. Hurricane focuses on cursed witch Fiona and wizard Ben as he tries to help her. These two are literally explosive between the sheets! Tequila Sunrise is all about instinct as alpha Zach teaches beta Kieran how to dominate his more powerful girlfriend Evelyn and in Virgin Daiquiri Caitlin needs the help of demon Leo to avoid becoming her family's sacrifice in their dark magic practises.

Each story is super hot, super sexy and has a fabulous hunky hero (or two!). They also have plenty of steam and a dash of romance. I think my favourite stories were Kamikaze and Hurricane but I enjoyed them all and would recommend them to erotic romance fans who are looking for a quick steamy read.