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Even Vampires Get the Blues - Katie MacAlister Paen needs to find a statue and he needs to find it fast if he is going to prevent his mother from losing her soul to a demon. Sam is a half elf and has just opened a private investigation agency with her cousin Clare, she is a failed diviner but she is good at finding things. When Paen turns to Sam for help finding the statue they are both drawn to each other. Sam is convinced that she is Paen's Beloved but that is the last thing Paen is interested in - he thinks he is perfectly happy without his soul and doesn't want to be tied to a Beloved for eternity.

Although Even Vampires Get the Blues is the fourth book in Katie MacAlister's Dark Ones series it can easily be read as a stand alone story because there is no cross over of characters from previous books. This is a series of fun, light hearted paranormal romances that are full of humour and never fail to make me laugh out loud. It's been quite a while since I read the first 3 books in the series but I'm determined to start working my way through some of those series that have been sitting on my shelves waiting for me to get to them.

Paen is a vampire with commitment issues and it was quite amusing to watch him trying to convince everyone that he really didn't want his soul back, he was happy to agree to exploring the attraction between him and Sam though. Sam was a likable character but there were a few things I figured out ages before she did, I really wanted to see her use her brains a bit more considering she was supposed to be making a living out of being a PI. I also felt she forgave Paen far to easily and wanted to see her make him work at getting her back but as this is a light romance I'm willing to forgive that.

We have some fun side characters that add humour to the story - Sam's cousin Clare was amusing but I did get a bit tired of the fact that she was constantly denying her heritage and that every time we saw her she was stuffing flowers in her mouth. I was expecting to see more of Paen's brothers - we are introduced to all three of them at the beginning of the story and although Finn is a constant throughout the book the other two were sent on a task never to return. I'm wondering if we'll see more of them in future books, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we do because I was enjoying the banter between them at the beginning of the book. The plot was interesting with several twists that I didn't expect and the story was very easy to read. Even Vampires Get the Blues didn't quite live up to my expectations and in my opinion isn't the best book in the series so far but it was still a fun read that I would recommend to Katie MacAlister fans.