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Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione Lore and his twin sister Sin have been enslaved by the demon Detharu for years, forced to act as assassins on his behalf. Lore has finally been offered a chance to escape though, he just has to make one final kill and then he will be free. Failure is not an option, especially when the penalty would be the death of the sister that he would do anything to protect. Idess is an angel who has been tasked with protecting certain humans to earn her wings. It just so happens that the human Lore has been hired to kill is the one that Idess must keep safe. Lore and Idess may be on opposing sides but the attraction between them is instant and intense, can they find a way for them both to get what they so desperately want or are they both doomed to fail?

I'm a massive fan of both Larissa Ione's Demonica series and her Lords of Deliverance books, she has created a wonderful world and populated it with some of my favourite paranormal romance heroes and heroines. I have been looking forward to reading Lore's story for a long time now (I have no idea why it took me so long to get around to it!) and I wasn't disappointed. This series is a must read for paranormal romance fans but I would recommend reading the books in order starting with Pleasure Unbound.

Lore has spent years being forced to do whatever his master tells him to, he has become a lethal killer but his actions have always been to protect his sister and deep down he just wants to live in peace. When he is hired to kill Kynan he has no idea that his actions will force him to go up against the brothers he only recently discovered. Lore is forced to choose between the sister he adores, the brothers he has only just met and the angel who is quickly stealing his heart and it doesn't seem like there is any way for a happy ending for all of them. Things sure do get complicated for the seminus brothers in this instalment to the series, lines are crossed, sides are chosen and there are a lot of arguments. It was strange to see what has up until now been such a close knit family fall so far apart but the reasons why all become clear in the end. I have to admit I was disappointed with Shade's treatment of Eidolon in this book though and Wraith wasn't much better. Lore understandably has little loyalty to the brothers he has only just met compared to the twin he grew up with but it is obvious he would avoid hurting them if possible, he just can't seem to see a way around it.

I fell for Lore completely reading his story, he's such a sexy demon! A stone cold killer with a heart of gold he is totally swoon worthy. Idess is his perfect match and not quite as angelic as you'd expect her to be. First and foremost Idess is a fighter who will do whatever it takes to protect her charges, even if it means resorting to underhand measures to achieve her goals. She is prepared to give up everything she has ever dreamt of to keep Kynan safe and you have to admire her for that. As a couple these two practically scorch the pages in every scene they share. Their attraction is intense and builds up to a wonderfully explosive conclusion.

Ecstasy Unveiled has everything you would expect from a Larissa Ione book - a hero to swoon over, a feisty heroine, scorching hot romance, action and a glimpse of how all of the previous characters are getting along. One of my favourite books in an amazing series.