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Witchblood - Emma Mills Jess's life is changed forever after a tragic ending to what was supposed to be a fun night clubbing with her best friend. One small mistake has cost her everything - her family, her friends, her boyfriend and even her life. Pulled into the world of vampires Jess is forced to come to terms with a very different reality and must face her growing attraction to Daniel despite the fact that she feels as if she is betraying the love of her life Luke.

I read so many stories that are set in the US that it's always nice to come across a book that is set in the UK. What was even nicer about Witchblood was that it is set in Manchester rather than in London like a lot of the British stories I read. I've only ever been to Manchester once so for me it was nice to explore somewhere closer to home but that I still don't know very well.

I really felt for Jess after everything she goes through and it was easy to relate to her struggle to accept what has happened and what she has become. It isn't easy to have your world turned upside down and I could totally accept her need for revenge against those who put her in that situation in the first place. In fact I was impressed with her restraint because I don't think I would have let them off so lightly if I was in her situation! I did find myself a little frustrated by the way she clung to the memory of Luke but I think that was because we'd only ever seen her memories of him so I didn't know him well enough to feel the connection between them. She was so drawn to Daniel that their connection seemed more plausible. Daniel was an interesting character but I want to know more about his past and am looking forward to getting to know him better.

I liked the world building but feel I am missing pieces of the puzzle at the moment, I'm sure this is intentional though because no author wants to give away all of the secrets in the first book of a new series. The revelations made towards the end of the book definitely have me keen to find out what happens next and it will be interesting to see the what direction the story takes. Witchblood is a promising start to a new series and a solid debut from Emma Mills, definitely an author I'll be keeping an eye on in the future.