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Danger Next Door (Red Stone Security, #2) - Katie Reus After an explosion in the middle of a drugs bust left Grant horribly scarred and medically retired from the police department he has become a bit of a recluse. But when his neighbour finds herself in trouble he knows he has to help her. The attraction he feels towards Belle is intense but can she see beyond his scars to the man inside and is he brave enough to let her try?

I enjoyed the first story in this series No One to Trust and when I found out the sequel Danger Next Door was about Porter's brother Grant I immediately purchased my copy. These brothers are the kind of alpha heroes that I love to read about - all ex-military men who now work in law enforcement or private security they are very protective of their loved ones and the women in their lives. They can come across as a little overbearing at times but they have hearts of gold and they want to look after the women they love not just control them. I really loved Porter but I have to say that I think Grant has knocked him off the top spot for my favourite Caldwell brother! He is just so sweet and sexy at the same time. He received his injuries in the bravest way possible - protecting someone else from harm - and I hated that he felt embarrassed by the scaring. I could understand why he had lost his confidence but I wanted him to realise how sexy he was.

Luckily Belle was a great heroine and I loved the way his scars were never an issue for her. She saw them more as a sign of the hero that he was and still found him incredibly attractive. Belle really was the perfect heroine for Grant and I loved watching the way things developed between them. I also really enjoyed the storyline, I was genuinely concerned for Belle's safety as she continued to come under attack and I loved the way Grant looked out for her (with a little help from his family and a few friends). The story had been described as a a Beauty and the Beast re-telling but I would say that apart from the scarring and Belle's name and beauty the story goes in it's own direction. This is perfect for when you're looking for a fairly quick read with a hot alpha male, a worthy heroine, a scary bad guy and some hot action. I'm really hoping that Katie Reus plans to continue this series - I'd love to read more about the third brother Harrison and I'm also very curious about the friend Travis!