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Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test) - Aime Carter I had problems with The Goddess Test but I thought that the series had potential so I decided to give the second book a try. Unfortunately I'm really struggling to even finish this one and I have way too many books in my to read pile to force myself to read something that I'm not enjoying so this is a DNF for me.

I read 165 out of 296 pages so I did make it over half way through the book but my problems are as follows:

- It finally felt like Kate and Henry had started to make progress at the end of the first book but their relationship has gone right back to the beginning in this instalment. I just can't be doing with more of their relationship drama - not that we've actually spent more than 5 minutes with Henry in this book so far!

- I'm sick to death of Kate's inner monologue (which is pretty much all I've read so far) of "I love him, but he doesn't love me, but I love him, but he loves Persephone, but I love him, blah, blah, blah" I'm not a big fan of too much teen angst so I just don't think this series is for me for that reason alone.

- I'm really not liking the way that Kate was so desperately in love with Henry but then happily went off with James on a 6 month holiday the day after their wedding. I also really don't like the way James is constantly trying to come between her and Henry.

- I have to laugh when Dylan (AKA Ares God of WAR) is the one who is most adamant that they shouldn't fight Cronus because there is no way they could possibly win. I mean come on - the God of WAR is too scared to fight???? Enough already.

So, I'm not going to be carrying on with this series. Looking through my friends reviews on goodreads I seem to be in the minority though and a lot of people seem to love these books so don't let me put you off giving it a try.