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Head Over Heels  - Jill Shalvis 4.5 Stars

Head Over Heels is the third book in Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series and focuses on the youngest of the three sisters Chloe. She is the most free spirited of the sisters and was the only one raised by their mother Phoebe. Having spent most of her life travelling she never really knew what it was like to have a home, she has always enjoyed being able to drop everything in an instant and go looking for a new adventure but for the first time she is beginning to see the advantages of family and a stable home life. She still wants to have fun though and the restrictions caused by her severe asthma give her the urge to be reckless and make the most of the time she has. Just because Chloe has started to think about spending more time with her sisters and making Lucky Harbor and their B&B a more permanent base doesn't mean that Tara and Maddie take her seriously though and she is hurt when they don't trust her to stick around.

I have liked Chloe since we first met her and have enjoyed laughing at her antics throughout the previous books but in her book we get to see a deeper side to her. You can't exactly call her upbringing a stable one, where he sisters had their fathers as a sensible influence Chloe didn't have anyone apart from their flaky mother to rely on. It's no wonder she acts the way she does but I enjoyed seeing her start to grow up and take a bit more responsibility for her actions in this book. She is never going to be someone who lives completely by the rules though and I like the fun loving side to her just as much. The sisters hardly knew each other when they first arrived at Lucky Harbor and it has been fun to see how close they have become, they have finally bonded into a proper family.

There has been chemistry between her and Sawyer since they first met but she drives him insane with her crazy antics. As the town Sheriff he has had to get her out of trouble on more than one occasion but he is still drawn to her wild side. Sawyer may come across as a sensible man who lives to follow the rules but he wasn't always like that and in his younger days he would have given Chloe a run for her money with his antics. That is one of the things that draws him most to Chloe even though he feels like it shouldn't be. He definitely wants to take care of her but he also accepts her and is the only person in her life who isn't trying to change her into something she isn't which was something I really liked about him.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series so far and Jill Shalvis has definitely worked her way onto my list of must buy authors. She has a massive back list but I'm fully intending to work my way through as many of her books as possible! Head Over Heels doesn't disappoint and has just as much humour and sweet romance as the previous books. I think there was slightly less sauciness in this one but the interactions between Sawyer and Chloe were still fantastic and I loved their banter. It was also great to catch up with the previous couples and see how everyone is getting along. This series makes perfect light hearted summer reading and I would highly recommend it. I'm already looking forward to reading the rest of the series!