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Dracula's Secret - Linda Mercury I really don't like leaving a book unfinished but I was finding myself getting far too irritated by Dracula's Secret to continue reading. I loved the premise that Dracula isn't really a man called Vlad but is in fact a woman called Valerie who has spent her entire life keeping her gender a fiercely guarded secret. The prologue showing her birth and how her parents decided to raise her as a boy instead of a girl was intriguing and I was really looking forward to finding out more.

Unfortunately I failed to gel with the story from there onwards, it skips from present day and also into the past so quickly that just as you're starting to get interested in one story line you are pulled away and into a different one which makes it hard to become invested in the characters or what is going on around them. I also couldn't understand the instant attraction between Valerie and Lance, there just didn't seem to be any reason that they were so drawn to each other. Admittedly this may have changed throughout the book if I'd carried on reading but I wasn't interested enough in the story to find out.

When Valerie decided to live as a woman for the first time in her 500 odd years of existence she was excited about the idea of being able to experience pleasure for the first time ever which was understandable. However the fact that her first thought was that she'd always wanted to know what it would be like to have a man's penis in her mouth just made me laugh. She has never experienced pleasure and that is the first thing she wants to try? Seriously? Are you quite sure Valerie? You've never had any other fantasies you might like to try out?

Then there is the fact that she is upset that being a woman means she'll have to shave her moustache - yes you heard me she has a full on moustache, not just a little bit of an excess hair problem but a proper moustache that she was incredibly proud of. How many women do you know who could grow a "beautiful black moustache"?

I'm afraid it was at that point that I found I'd completely lost interest in the book. I did read another couple of chapters hoping that I'd be able to get into it but it just didn't happen. It isn't that the book is badly written so don't let me put you off giving it a try - you may be the opposite and love it. Unfortunately it's just not the book for me.