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Slave to Sensation  - Nalini Singh This was a buddy read with Dee - you can read her review here

I'm a big fan of Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series so it was about time I finally got around to starting the Psy-Changeling books! I have to say I was impressed and I think this has the potential to become my favourite out of the two series. I loved the world that Nalini has created, you have two very different races who have pretty much the opposite outlooks and are struggling to live alongside each other. The Psy have incredible psychic abilities, from mind reading all the way through to telekinetic powers (although I'm sure there are even more types that we are yet to discover). As a race they have been trained not to feel any kind of emotions, they are supposed to be ruled purely by logic and anyone who shows the slightest hint of emotional behaviour will have their personality brutally wiped out at a rehabilitation centre. The Changelings on the other hand are ruled by their feelings, they work hard and play harder and nothing is more important to them than the bonds between pack and family - the Psy don't even develop close relationships with their parents or siblings.

Our main characters for this instalment are Psy Sasha and Changeling Lucas. Sasha has always known how different she is from the other Psy and learnt from a young age to keep her feelings closely hidden - even from her mother who would never understand her behaviour. As the daughter of an important Council member Sasha knows more than most just how dangerous it would be if anyone found out just how different she is and she knows that not even her mother would protect her if she is discovered. Lucas is the alpha of the DarkRiver Leopard pack and he is working to track down the Psy who has been brutally murdering Changeling women. The latest victim was a member of his pack and he will do whatever it takes to make them pay, even if that does mean working with Sasha and trying to use her to get the information he needs.

I absolutely adored this book, I loved the world building, I'm fascinated by the Psys (although I wouldn't want to be one!) and I always enjoy reading about different kinds of shapeshifters. Above all I loved the relationship between Sasha and Lucas, Nalini Singh takes the time to develop their relationship slowly and I enjoyed every minute of it. The way Lucas cares for his pack is heart warming but it was so good to see the way he began to care for Sasha and how determined he was to protect her and keep her safe from harm. Sasha had never been allowed to freely express herself so she finds it hard to even understand all the emotions that Lucas brings out in her, she instinctively knows how to love but she is so used to locking all her feelings away that she finds it hard to express herself. Lucas never pushes her beyond what she is prepared to give though, he understands how hard it is for her and he teaches her how to care for him and his packmates. One of my favourite things about the couple was the banter between them and when you have conversations like the one below it is very hard not to laugh out loud:

"I could turn your mind to mush if I wanted"
"But then who'd lick you to orgasm?"

Slave to Sensation was a fantastic start to the Psy-Changeling series and one that has left me very excited to find out more. We have been introduced to a great range of side characters so I'm happy that each book focuses on a different couple but I'm also interested to see how the ongoing storyline of the political relationship between the Psy and Changeling races will play out. If Nalini Singh wasn't already on my list of favourite authors this would have earned her a place there so if you haven't read any of her books before then you really should do as soon as possible!