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Long Shots: Books 1-3 - Christine d'Abo This is a fabulous anthology containing 3 incredibly hot erotic romance novellas guaranteed to leave you fanning yourself after reading them. I'm going to review each novella separately but I can't recommend this series highly enough so if you like your erotic romance a little on the kinky side then grab your copy now!

Double Shot - 4 Stars
Double Shot is a great introduction to the Long Shots series and left me keen to spend more time with the Long siblings. This is the story of middle sister Sadie who is the one in charge of the kitchen of the family cafe and catering business that they run together. We are also introduced to older sister Paige who is in charge of the business side of things and their younger brother Ian who is the coffee genius. Compared to her siblings Sadie has always considered herself the quiet one, she is happy to watch from the sidelines as they seek out the attention with their outrageous antics. Sadie has been friends with Paul for 10 years now and although she has always been attracted to him she has never even dreamed that he might share her interest. But when Paul hires her to cater an event at the exclusive sex club where he works things quickly start to heat up between them. Paul offers to help her fulfil her wildest fantasies but will Sadie dare to take a chance when she risks losing her best friend?

I'm a sucker for a friends to lovers story and this was no exception - I loved the chemistry between Sadie and Paul. I was surprised how easy it was to connect to the characters considering this was a novella and I thoroughly enjoyed watching things develop between them. Throw in Paul's very sexy boss Josh who happens to be the owner of Mavericks club into the mix and you're in for a very spicy threesome but will Paul and Sadie remain friends in the aftermath? Although the threesome takes place at the sex club there is no BDSM involved but you're still in for a very steamy read! I also enjoyed the relationship between Sadie, Ian and Paige and am going to enjoy getting to read both of their stories. Double Shot is highly recommended for when you're looking for a quick but naughty read.

A Shot in the Dark - 4.5 Stars
The second novella in the Long Shot series A Shot in the Dark tells the story of the oldest Long sibling, Paige. Paige is a natural submissive but after escaping from an abusive relationship with her brutal ex she has spent the last three years avoiding the BDSM scene. When the sexy but dominant firefighter Carter asks her on a date she is wary of getting hurt again. Can she allow Carter a position of control over her and trust that he won't take things too far?

What is better than a hunky firefighter? A hunky, Dominant firefighter who swaps his uniform for leather when he's not working! Yes, Carter is one HAWT guy and that makes Paige a very, very lucky woman. Paige has been through a lot and it has left it's toll on her, she finds it hard to trust anyone and because she is denying part of herself she is no longer comfortable in her own skin. She is attracted to Carter but it takes a lot of guts for her to risk attempting a scene with him and you have to admire her for having the courage to try. Carter is a perfect Dom, he can see how damaged Paige is but he knows exactly what she needs and how to give it to her. He puts her needs above his own and works at earning her trust so that she feels comfortable with him. If you're looking for a quick read with hot sex and a little light spanking then A Shot in the Dark will fit the bill perfectly, this was a great addition to the series and one I'd recommend to fans of erotic romance.

Pulled Long - 5 Stars
I have been looking forward to Ian's story ever since I started reading Double Shot, the attraction between him and the customer he knows only as Blue Eyes was intense from the very beginning and I couldn't wait to see how things turned out for them. I have to admit that I was a little nervous before starting the story though, mainly because I haven't ever read a M/M erotic romance before and I wasn't sure how I would find it. I needn't have worried though because this was my favourite story in the series so far!

Ian is such a fabulous character, he cares deeply for his sisters and works incredibly long hours to take the pressure off of them so that they can enjoy their new romantic entanglements. He has been drawn to Jeff (Blue Eyes) since the moment he first saw him but after finding out that Jeff is currently going through a divorce he refuses to act on that attraction. Ian has been hurt in the past and doesn't want to be anyone's rebound guy - especially not someone who is straight and will only end up breaking his heart to go back to being with women. Jeff on the other hand knows that Ian is the person he wants to be with and he is determined to prove it.

Without a doubt Pulled Long is a HOT read, not only are Ian and Jeff crazy about each other and unable to keep their hands to themselves but they both have an exhibitionist streak and enjoy both watching others and being watched. This leads to some very steamy scenes at Maverick's sex club that certainly raised my temperature while I was reading! Christine d'Abo definitely knows how to write good erotic romance and I can't wait to read more of her work starting with the next book in this series Calling the Shots which stars Maverick's owner Josh who I have been crushing on since Double Shot, I have a feeling his story is going to be a good one!