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Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde Normally I love a good romance that is full of angst and drama, it's the kind of book I have to be in the right mood for but when I am I can't get enough of them. I do have to find at least one of the characters likeable to enjoy the drama though. Unfortunately with Avoiding Commitment I couldn't find a single thing to like about any of them and in the end I just couldn't force myself to carry on reading.

This review is going to include spoilers because I can't tell you why I hated the book without going into details. I only read the first 29% of the book though so everything I mention below happens within the first third of the story.

When Jack and Lexi first met they dated for about a month before he confessed to the fact that he already has a girlfriend. Lexi is understandably heartbroken and immediately walks away from him which I have to say I admired her for. I was annoyed with Jack for cheating on his girlfriend to be with her - if you're not happy in a relationship then just END IT! I can't stand people who cheat, it's one of my major hot buttons. I could possibly have forgiven him if he'd ended things with his girlfriend and come after her but he waits nearly a year before contacting her again. By this point Lexi has been happily in a relationship with someone else for seven months but the second Jack walks back in the picture she is happy to cheat on her boyfriend to be with him. It doesn't even bother Jack that she's dating someone else! OK so now they're both cheaters - both characters who I want to smack round the head and both people who probably deserve each other. I have no respect for either of them and couldn't care less about the rest of their relationship.

The story actually alternates between the past (which is the storyline I've already mentioned) and the present which is six years later. In the present Jack and Lexi are once again living separate lives, they haven't been in contact for about 2 years but we don't know exactly what happened to cause the break between them (that is obviously what the flash backs are building towards). Now the only reason that Jack has got in contact with Lexi after all this time is because his current girlfriend, Bekah, wants to meet all his past girlfriends to find out about his commitment issues. For a start what kind of weirdo wants to meet all their partner's exes? And who is going to agree to let them do it? I can't relate to Jack's reasons for going along with it and I definitely don't understand why Lexi would agree to it! As if that wasn't bad enough the minute Lexi and Jack meet again he starts lying to Bekah to spend time with Lexi. The pair of them are constantly flirting with each other and I just know it isn't going to be long before they're jumping back in bed with each other behind Bekah's back. The fact that Bekah is a stuck up cow who irritated the heck out of me from the moment we meet her doesn't mean I think she deserves to be cheated on!

So, I bought Avoiding Commitment looking for an emotional roller coaster. I knew that Jack and Lexi's relationship was going to be a screwed up one and not particularly healthy. Perhaps by the end of the book the author might even have managed to convince me that they were right for each other. I just can't bring myself to keep reading long enough to find out. I hate every one of the characters, they're all lying cheaters who deserve everything they get. I don't particularly care whether Jack and Lexi end up as a couple or whether they both get hit by a bus and flattened (well actually I think I'd prefer the bus option). I don't even have any sympathy for the psychotic and jealous current squeeze Bekah. As far as I'm concerned all three of them deserve each other and I'm not going to waste any more of my time waiting to see who ends up getting a HEA. I doubt Jack will be able to keep it in his trousers long enough to have a HEA with anyone anyway - how there could ever be any trust between him and Lexi after everything they've both done I'll never know!

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