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The Stranger - Kyra Davis I hate not finishing books but there are so many things I'm not enjoying about this one that I just can't bring myself to carry on reading it.

Kasie was one of the most irritating heroines I've had the displeasure of coming across and I hate the way she is so quick to drop her knickers every time she sees Robert when she already has a fiance who she has been dating for 6 years. Admittedly the fiance is a completely wet blanket but it feels like the author tried to make him as boring as humanly possible in order to justify Kasie cheating on him. Well guess what - cheating is wrong and you're never going to sell that to me! I could have dealt with it if she'd been attracted to someone else in Vegas, made the mistake of cheating, realised what she had been missing and come home and broken up with the fiance but she doesn't. She keeps going back to the new guy for more but refuses to break up with the old one & that just really, really irritates me. If you're not happy with your partner the least you can do is have the decency to break up with them before you start things with someone else.

Even if you completely discount the cheating issue I still have problems believing the attraction between Kasie and Richard. I just didn't feel the connection between them and the sex scenes turned my stomach rather than turned me on. Sex with some random stranger you met less than an hour ago with no thought of wearing a condom to protect from pregnancy or disease is just icky!

I think it's pretty obvious that this book wasn't for me, I only made it through 40% before I reached the point where I was about to throw my kindle across the room and it was safer to just stop reading. I don't think it'll come as a surprise to hear I won't be continuing with the series.