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Molly’s Lips: Club Mephisto Retold (Club Mephisto #1.5) - Annabel Joseph Club Mephisto was both uncomfortable and fascinating to read, it took me to places I wasn't sure I wanted to go to but I found it impossible to put down once I'd started reading. The story was told completely from Molly's point of view though and I couldn't wait to get inside Mephisto's head to try and understand why he did some of the things he did. Whatever you do don't read Molly's Lips until after you've read Club Mephisto though - this is a retelling of the original book but from a different perspective and it really is best to hear Molly's side of things before you get Mephisto's.

I have to admit that Mephisto scares me half to death but in spite of that I'd developed a bit of a crush on him by the end of the first book. He's the kind of guy I'm drawn to pretty much against my will but there is no way on earth I'd want to get into a relationship with him, he's just way to hardcore for me! My little crush has only grown even deeper after reading the story from his POV though and I found it really interesting to see Molly through his eyes. He knew her before she met her husband and Master and he struggled to accept how dependent she has become on Clayton. He pushes her to the very edge of her boundaries and then well beyond them throughout the story but we now get to see that he did it because he cares about her. He wanted to make sure she really is happy with the life she has chosen and to show her that she had other options if she needed or wanted them. The way he goes about that was sometimes dubious to say the least but at least from his POV his motives are clearer. There is no doubt that Mephisto is a kinky bastard and he makes no apologies for it but oh boy is he hot!

After the revelations at the end of the book (that we didn't see from Molly's POV) I can't wait to pick up Burn for Me. I really need to know how things turn out for them both now that Molly has gone back to her Master. If you read Club Mephisto then Molly's Lips is a must read and I can't recommend it highly enough.