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Bonds of Trust - Lynda Aicher Cali spent the 22 years of her marriage feeling sexually unfulfilled, her husband wasn't interested in sex with her and he made her feel that her desires to be dominated in bed were shameful. Now that she is divorced Cali wants to experiment with her sexuality so she decides to join an exclusive BDSM club. Jake is a Dom and one of the joint owners of the club, he is asked to interview Cali before she is allowed to attend a new members night to decide which of their Doms she would be most suited to. Although he worries that Cali isn't really prepared for what being a sub involves he finds himself incredibly drawn to her and decides to introduce her to the delights of Dominance and submission himself. Jake has always been happy to play but has never been interested in taking on a permanent sub before Cali but there is something about her that makes it impossible to let her go.

I really enjoyed reading Bonds of Trust, this is a fairly light introduction to BDSM but that makes perfect sense when it comes to these particular characters and I have a feeling that the books are only going to get more intense as the series continues. Cali is completely new to the scene, she has no idea what she will enjoy she just knows she wants someone else to take control in the bedroom. Her confidence is at an all time low after the way her husband reacted to her and she feels ashamed of her own desires. She desperately needs someone who will be patient with her and take their time helping her discover what she enjoys. Jake is the perfect man for the job he may be a Dom but he is actually a lot less severe than most of the Doms I've come across. He lets Cali get away with a lot but I think that is because he recognised how skittish she was and knew that if he came on too strong he would only scare her away. I would have liked to have seen their relationship a few years down the line just to see how things have changed between them but perhaps we'll get glimpses of them as the series continues.

I loved the scenes in the club, they are sexy and hot without being too overwhelming so I think this would be a good story for anyone who is fairly new to BDSM. If you're used to books that really push your boundaries then this story may not be heavy enough for you but if you want something lighter then this will hit the spot. As a side note I have to mention that I loved the relationship Jake has with his foster brothers (& fellow club owners) Deklan and Seth. I do love seeing close male friendships and I'm looking forward to reading both of their stories. This is the first book I've read by Lynda Aicher but I can't wait to read more in this series.