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Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1) - Rebecca Zanetti City girl Sophie is a landscape architect who works for her uncle's firm designing golf courses. She has been sent to rural Montana to try to persuade the locals that the golf course that her client wants to build will be great for the community. Unfortunately the local Kooskia tribe are dead set against the golf course being built in that location and Sophie finds herself going head to head with the tribe's lawyer Jake. Jake is an incredibly sexy cowboy who knows exactly what he wants and is prepared to do anything to make it happen. He is determined to stop the golf course but he is equally determined to make Sophie his, both in and out of the bedroom. These two opposites are definitely attracted but when they are both from such different worlds can they find a middle ground where they will both be happy?

Although I've heard great things about Rebecca Zanetti's Dark Protector's series Against the Wall is actually the first book of hers that I've read. It definitely won't be the last though and if she writes her paranormal heroes as well as she writes her sexy cowboys I need to start working through her back list ASAP! If you like your men to be sexy, domineering alphas you are going to fall hard for Jake. He is the kind of guy who sets his sights on something and then doesn't take no for an answer, from the moment he rides into Sophie's life you know he is going to take over and there is just no way any girl could resist him. Jake would do anything for his family and for his tribe, he loves the area he lives in and is proud of his heritage. He wants his daughter to grow up surrounded by family and people who care about her and he wants Sophie to see how good it could be if she stayed with them.

Sophie has never really had anyone who put her first, her mother was only interested in money and status and drilled it into Sophie that those were the important things. She has never had a close family so seeing Jake with his parents and siblings just shows her what she has missed out on all these years. As much as she wants what he has she is scared to let people close in case they end up hurting her down the line. Luckily Jake isn't the only one who is determined to win Sophie around and he has help from the whole tribe who have really taken to her and want her to see that she has a place with them. Apart from the fantastic chemistry between Sophie and Jake (which was definitely scorching hot!), what I liked most was the way they both learn so much about themselves by seeing things through the other's eyes.

I loved the small town feel to the story and enjoyed the range of side characters we met, there are a definitely a few crazy and fun members of the town who helped add colour to the story. Jake's family were all fantastic and I really hope each of his siblings (Quinn, Colton and Dawn) all get their own stories. I'm also already slightly obsessed with family friend Hawk who I just know is going to make a wonderful hero! I'm really pleased that this is the start of a series and I'll definitely be first in the queue to buy Under the Covers as soon as it's available.