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Crushed Seraphim - Debra Anastasia With God trapped in Hell and an angel gone bad taking charge in Heaven it is up to Emma to save the day. She may be an angel but stripped of her powers and thrown down to earth her only way back is to save Jason's soul. But unless she finds a way to free God from his prison it looks like there will soon be Hell on earth.

I have mixed feelings about Crushed Seraphim, in some ways I'm very interested in the world the author has created and the premise of the story but I had a hard time liking the main characters which makes it hard for me to enjoy a book. Emma was the least angelic angel I've ever come across, she's foul mouthed, judgemental and surprisingly unsympathetic to Jason, the vampire she has been tasked with saving. Before even meeting Jason she is convinced he can't be saved and she takes out out her frustration on him from the moment they meet. I found myself feeling incredibly sorry for Jason, he may be a vampire but along with his brother and sister he tries hard to be a good person and he didn't deserve the treatment he receives from Emma.

I never really believed in the relationship that develops between Emma and Jason, it didn't feel like Emma had any feelings for him but I guess from later events in the book that I probably wasn't supposed to. I don't mind love triangles in books but I hate it when it feels like one character is using another and I just felt so annoyed on Jason's behalf I didn't enjoy the interactions between Emma and the Devil. Satan may be a delicious bad boy but I was irritated by the way he constantly called Emma "pretty child" and didn't find it at all sexy.

The story ends on a killer cliffhanger but I'm not sure if I want to continue reading to find out what happens next. I've seen a lot of positive reviews for this one but unfortunately it just wasn't for me.