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Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye Alyssa has had a thing for her brother's best friend Marco for years but has never dared to do anything about it. But now she has finished college and Marco is home from the army she is determined to win his heart. Getting a job in the bar where he works is the first step but can she convince him that she is now fully grown up and ready to take the next step with him? Marco was forced to leave the army due to injury and has never forgiven himself for an attack that killed soldiers under his command. He isn't the laid back guy he used to be and he doesn't want to hurt Aly by letting her see what he has become. The attraction between them is intense but they are both wary of losing one of their closest friends, Marco is also worried about what his best friend's reaction would be if Brady finds out he has been fantasising about his little sister.

I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Laura Kaye's, this is the second story of hers that I've read and I just love the way she writes her characters. Even in a novella like Her Forbidden Hero she manages to create a couple you can connect with and that you want to see have a happy ending. Aly does make a few silly mistakes but she is young and I still found her likeable. What I loved most about her is the way she won't take no for an answer when it comes to Marco. She knows what she wants and she is going to make Marco realise that she is the woman for him.

Marco was great, a hero who has fought for his country he may be home but he has brought his demons with him. He has never forgiven himself for an ambush that he feels he should have seen coming and blames himself for the deaths of some of his fellow soldiers. He is also struggling with his injuries, both physical and mental. He has problems with his memory and sometimes struggles to think of words that he is looking for which I thought was really interesting although I have to say I would have liked to have learnt more about his condition. Without a doubt he is one sexy male specimen though and when he gives in to his attraction to Aly the results are explosive!

For a novella Laura Kaye did a great job of making me feel invested in these characters, I think it helped that you get to see things from both of their points of view so you really get into their heads which makes the connection between them feel real. I would have loved a longer story featuring these two but I thoroughly enjoyed Her Forbidden Hero. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Aly's brother Brady gets his own story and we might get to drop in on Aly and Marco again at the same time. I have no idea if that is something the author is considering or not but if she does release it I'll be first in the queue to grab a copy. In the meantime I'm looking forward to working my way through some of her other stories.