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Me, Cinderella? - Aubrey Rose Buddy Read with Ange and Cory

I had such high hopes for this one but I'm just not enjoying it enough to finish reading it. I made it through the first 40% but I just don't care about either of the main characters enough to want to pick it up to find out what happens next.

I'd seen reviews saying this was very maths heavy which made me a little nervous (I may be a geek but maths has never been my strong point!) but that actually didn't bother me too much. There were a lot of terms that flew straight over my head but it fitted the story well and didn't feel forced. Unfortunately what did feel forced was the relationship between Brynn and Eliot and that's what killed the book for me. They've literally had a couple of conversations before they start pining for each other and acting like lovesick teenagers (possibly understandable in Brynn's case as she was 20 I think but Eliot is supposed to be 10 years older than her!).

I'm also feeling a little squeamish about the fact that he is her teacher and in a position of trust. Although that hasn't really played a big part yet I think it's going to get more questionable as the story continues since she is now one of the interns in the program he is running.

The other thing that was bothering me was the change from first person (Brynn's POV) to third person (Eliot's POV), it wasn't that either part was badly written but I kept getting jolted out of the story every time the POV changed.

All in all I'm going to have to say that this just isn't the right book for me.