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Angels' Dance (Guild Hunter #0.1)

Angels' Dance (Guild Hunter #0.1) - Nalini Singh 5 stars

I read this story as part of the [b:Angels' Flight|9738582|Angels' Flight (Angels' Pawn #0.5, Angels' Judgment #1.5, Angel's Wolf #4.5, Angels' Dance #4.75)|Nalini Singh|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311894951s/9738582.jpg|14627662] anthology which contains 4 Guild Hunter novellas.

This was hands down my favourite novella in the Guild Hunter series and I absolutely loved Jessamy and Galen's story. Jessamy was born with a deformed wing and in spite of the best efforts of the healers she has never been able to fly, she longs to feel the wind on her face and for the rush of flying but when someone takes her it just brings home the fact that she will never be free to fly whenever she wants to so she has refused to fly with anyone since she was a child. Jessamy has contented herself with keeping the angelic histories and with teaching the young angels but she leads a fairly solitary life apart from the time spent with the children. She has never even left the refuge to visit any of the places she writes about in the histories.

We know Galen as one of Raphael's seven but this story is set long before the first book in the series and shows Galen's transfer to Raphael's territory as the new weapons master. From the minute he sees Jessamy he knows he wants her and he will do whatever it takes to convince her to take a chance on him. Their romance was so sweet and they make an absolutely adorable couple. I loved the way Galen was so patient with Jessamy and how he works so hard to woo her but what I love most about him is that he puts his jealousy to one side to ensure that Jessamy makes the decision to be with him for the right reasons. I've always liked Jessamy's character, it can't be easy to be the only angel who is unable to fly and it has had a huge effect on her confidence. She has always believed that nobody would be interested in her so she pushes people away before they have the chance to hurt her but Galen shows her how good things could be if she would just let him in. This story left me with a huge smile on my face and I don't think it could have got any better!