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Alchemy (Mercian Trilogy, #2) - K.J. Wignall Alchemy picks up the story not long after the ending of Blood and I would recommend reading this series in order to make the most of the ongoing story line. Eloise has returned to her school to investigate the links to Will's past and Will is staying nearby in a property that used to belong to his family. It appears that there are enemy spies surrounding them though and it could put Eloise's life at risk. Can Will keep her safe as they work together to uncover the truth about his destiny?

I enjoyed the first book in this series and was looking forward to finding out more about the prophecy surrounding Will and Eloise, although I'm still left with a lot of questions we did make a few interesting discoveries in this instalment. We get to find out the motives behind sorcerer Wyndham and we learn exactly what he holds against Will. Although Wyndham started out trying to destroy evil it was interesting to see how his actions have evolved and the way he now blurs the lines and carries out some very questionable actions in the name of good. It makes for an interesting contrast between him and Will, Will is a vampire and he freely admits that he murders people to survive but in a lot of ways he has more good in him than the self professed good guy does.

I have to admit I'm still not the biggest fan of Eloise, she isn't a bad character but she isn't someone that stands out in my mind and I still don't understand the burgeoning romance between her and Will. I can see why she would want to help him but I'm not convinced she'd be attracted to him or he to her. Having said that the romance still remains firmly in the background of the story which is what I was hoping for so it didn't cause me any problems. It will be very interesting to see how things continue in the next book Death. I have a lot of questions that I'm hoping to get answers to and I'm very curious to find out more about the prophecy and what Will and Eloise will need to do to fulfil it.